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Posted by on Apr 19, 2018 in Science tech, Tech Trending | 0 comments

3 Amazing Tips to Memorize Multiplication Tables

3 Amazing Tips to Memorize Multiplication Tables

Hey Folks! Today I’m going to share some amazing tips to memorize Multiplication tables. They’re always difficult to remember so I thought I should write an article that can maybe help you somehow, if you find my articles helpful then don’t forget to spread them.

I think many of the kids as well as the adults find the tables difficult to learn and memorize, even when I was a kid I hated mathematics, but now when I remember those times I think how fool I was, Math isn’t that difficult as we think it is. Make it fun, take it easy and you’re good to go. A time will come you will feel like math is a piece of cake.

Enough talk! Let’s dig into this thing and discuss the tips!

Remembering Multiplication Tables using some tips

So, let’s move on to our main topic and discuss some good tips and tricks for memorizing the tables, you must be thinking that how will these tricks help me? Believe me they helped me and I’m sure they will help you too.

  1. Start slowly and patiently!

No-one ever said that the tables are easy to remember at start, they will always feel like a mountain, but do you know who can make them easy for you? Yourself! That maybe the most surprising thing for you that nobody will ever spoon-feed the tables to you, you always have to do that for yourself.

Until you don’t read the tables over and over again, you just can’t memorize them, the biggest method that works for me is PRACTICE! You always need to continue practicing whatever you learn in a day. I’ve always said that Practice makes the man perfect! Don’t just learn the tables and keep them in your mind, keep practicing and eventually you’ll feel like a professional.

Also i found is a great place for kids to learn Multiplication Tables.

  1. Start with the easy tables

You can start with the easy tables, I’ve mentioned the tables that are mine favorite and easy ones to remember, check them below:

  • The 10’s
  • The 5’s
  • The 11’s
  • The 2’s
  • The 4’s

Above mentioned are some of the tables that are easiest for me. I’m not saying that you will learn these in some hours or in a day, but still these are the ones you can remember more easily than the others. Then comes the harder ones, I’ve mentioned them below:

  • First of all the 12’s.
  • The 9’s.
  • The 6’s.
  • The 3’s.
  • The 8’s.
  • The 7’s.

Don’t worry these are not mountains, LOL! You can learn them quickly too, you just need to work hard. Let’s move on to the third and the final tip.

  1. Memorize The Patterns

There are some patterns and the most famous one is of the table of 2, whatever number you put with 2 it will double the number. I will cover these patterns briefly in an upcoming article.

Winding Up

I hope that after reading this article you know what to do next, just keep your focus and be patient, you’ll be an expert in mathematics soon! If you liked it then don’t forget to share it with someone who’s weak in math.

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