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Posted by on Nov 8, 2017 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Pastor Chris Celebrates the 57th Anniversary of Nigerian Independence With Rhapsody of Realities News Flash

Pastor Chris Celebrates the 57th Anniversary of Nigerian Independence With Rhapsody of Realities News Flash

Rhapsody of Realities is transforming lives across the globe. Nigeria is celebrating almost 57 years since their independence. As the clock ticks closer, copies of Rhapsody of Realities are being received by millions of people. The 57th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence is a joyous occasion, and the distribution of Rhapsody of Reality has reached 30 million copies throughout the nation. The theme for this year’s Nigerian campaign is the inspiration of greater dreams. The response has been amazing, and includes numerous sponsorship projects, educational projects, and developmental projects organized in different areas all over the nation. The way these projects are following the theme is beautiful. Prayer rallies for Reach out Nigeria have been organized throughout the nation, and prayers for Nigeria are being said by the partners.


A two-moth long carnival in October and November were a part of the amazing celebrations. The partners displayed white and green costumes to draw attention to the people around the nation. Individuals were led in salvation prayers by the leaders as they were given their Rhapsody of Realities copies. Copies of Rhapsody of Realities have been given to people throughout Nigeria including the government houses, the presidency, schools, the military forces, market places, hospitals, people on the streets, residential areas, and so many additional places. Copies of Rhapsody of Realities were even distributed at seminars, football tournaments, and filled the prisons. The books filled with the word of God were provided for all the people. The Church Embassy was beautifully represented as the green and white colors were seen everywhere.


The testimonies about the Rhapsody of Realities were amazing. One believer stated the book was excellent because it taught so much. The mind and spirt both improve despite where the book is read. Pastor Chris was thanked for the opportunity. Comments and pictures have been posted frequently to reflect the joy of the readers. In 2017, the Rhapsody of Realities was available in 900 languages, and 250 million copies were distributed. Hallelujah.


The messages from the Christ Embassy in North America were touching. They stated their fellowship with the universe’s creator was a blessing and an honor. All limitations were removed as God was served, the transcendent life embraced, and the inheritance of God and Christ was enjoyed. Hallelujah. People can enjoy and live a good life simply by keeping evil thoughts from their tongues, and their lips from speaking deceit. No individual is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, and nobody can control every thought and action. The Christ Embassy takes these words to heart, and all the influential ministers and pastors of the Gospel will be meeting to glorify the Lord.


When the Holy Spirit is recognized, a person can do anything, The Holy Spirit will tell the individual what must be done. Once a person starts working with the Holy Spirit, in less than a minute they can learn more than could be accomplished by devoutly studying for ten years. This is the belief of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Hallelujah. The Pastor additionally believes affirmation is what activates the most vital part of salvation. When the Word is not affirmed, it simply will not work. All that will remain is religion, and this by itself is not only a burden, but incapable of blessing anyone. Pastor Chris is blessed, honored, and privileged to be in a fellowship and serve the Creator of the universe. There is even an official theme song to celebrate Reachout Nigeria for the year 2017.

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