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Posted by on Dec 22, 2017 in Life style | 0 comments

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Says Divorce Is Not Right for Christians

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Says Divorce Is Not Right for Christians

In the modern world, divorce has become commonplace, even within Christian households. The way that divorce has become an everyday event might make some Christians think that divorce has become acceptable. But for some traditional followers of the church, divorce is still unacceptable. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has recently expressed his views on the subject, letting his followers know that he disapproves of divorce in a Christian marriage. Even though the Pastor himself has been divorced from his wife, Pastor Anita, he states that divorce is never a good idea for families that want to live in the Christian faith.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the General Overseer of Believers Love World Church, which is also sometimes called Christ Embassy. He also operates the Healing School, a ministry that works to heal people with medical conditions. While he is based in South Africa, his teachings and sermons are available all over the world via his website. He is also well known from his work establishing the first 24 hour Christian network, which broadcasts from Africa to many other nations around the world. Thanks to his decades of tireless work on behalf of his church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a household name in many nations.
Pastor Chris
When speaking about whether or not divorce is right for modern Christians, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome expressed a definite view on the issue. His feeling is that divorce is not for Christians, who should try to make their marriage last forever through hard work. In the Pastor’s case, he feels the end of the marriage was due to the wishes of his ex-wife to lot work on the marriage any longer and end the marriage. Pastor Chris and Anita divorced just under a year ago, in February of 2016.
Speaking on the subject of Christians getting a divorce, the Pastor said that divorce should never be a part of a Christian marriage. While he said that some Christians may want to get a divorce, and go through with this desire, it is not right. He pointed out that it is wrong for Christians to take one another to court as part of the divorce process. Instead, marriage should be taken as a life long commitment that should be honored and actively worked on between the husband and wife to resolve any issues.

While he expressed that divorce is not right, he also said that he hopes all of his followers will pray for his ex-wife, Pastor Anita. He also admitted that being a man of God did not necessarily absolve him of guilt, and that he may have made mistakes during the marriage due to immaturity. But he also condemned the reports from multiple media sources claiming he did crazy things resulting in the divorce. Pastor Chris pointed out media establishments in Nigeria and South Africa as the worst offenders who published the worst accusations. He called these claims crazy and said that he was innocent of all of the things said about him in those media reports.

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