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Posted by on Apr 16, 2018 in valves and fittings | 0 comments

The Redefinition of API Monogram Discussion And Subcommittee on Piping and Valves

The Redefinition of API Monogram Discussion And Subcommittee on Piping and Valves

SCOPV API Activity

KP-LOK is a leading valve manufacturer in the industry and the activity by SCOPV covered the valve standards of 16 API Refinery and also makes appropriate recommendation. The standard was revised some years back but nowadays new API standards like API 622, API 603, API 641 and API 624 have been developed appropriately. The workload of the committee is very high and the members are dedicated towards ensuring the maintenance of technical correctness and applying the lesson which has been learnt.

In a meeting which was recently concluded in the United States, the chairman and other participating members contributed on the way forward as well as how improvement can be made in the industry. The discussion likewise results to other ones and can also become quite difficult but depend on those that are handling the project.

API Monogram discussion

In the last meeting which was held, the members of USA SCOPV reject the usage of API Monogram for the 16 API Standards. Out of the active Monogram which is about 2800, an approximate of about 337 API Monogram exist for the standard of SCOPV.

The Redefinition of API Monogram Discussion And Subcommittee on Piping and Valves

From the experience which I have obtained, I would offer my total support to the members of SCOPV. This is because I have come across different companies which are approved to produce Monogram as well as despair. There are some companies that manufacture one type of Monogram but manufacture other kind of valves. Another way is by making use of the Monogram certificate of another company to manufacture a valve at their own plant which has not been audited before by the API. Additionally, whenever the valve is being reviewed, the design of the valve is so obvious that the knowledge of the manufacturer is needed. Whenever you are auditing the quality of the casting and the process of manufacturing,the members of SCOPV are not involved and do not certify the technical part of Monogram. However, these questions are being prepared by a third party and thus miss the crucial aspect of the meeting report.

A recent show of hand at a SCOPV meeting indicates that none of the end user has ever made a request for a valve manufacturer to be compliant with API Monogram. Majority of the SCOPV manufacturers confirm that they have the approval of Monogram. It has also been suggested by SCOPV that the three crucial areas of the Monogram which require attention are covered so as to have a good result. The endorsing of the Monogram technical question which ensures consistency in qualified technical field should be addressed.

So what do SCOPV End Users Use In Place of Monogram?

The practice of the members of SCOPV is to take charge of their personal audits and make use of recommended practice for the procedure of valve qualification. With the aid of this combination, the information provided above will be used by the final user to make the right decisionand the competence of the auditors. The RP 591 would provide recommendations for the evaluation of the manufacturer’s valve quality and construction management. The qualification of the valves which falls under this RP is specific to the manufacturer and doesn’t include thevalves which are manufactured by other company’s facilities regardless of whether it is manufactured by the company or a third party.

There is need for the meeting with the RP 591 to be successful so that there can be some level of approval. The most critical inspection for ball, gate, plug as well as butterfly valves is the stem to ball tensile test. The aim of this test is to determine the first point of failure between the shaft as well as the closure members.

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