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Posted by on Feb 16, 2018 in Entertainment | 0 comments

The secrets of why tango dancing is good for body and soul

The secrets of why tango dancing is good for body and soul

Just as all dances bring many secrets to the health of the body, mind and spirit, dancing Tango can help in concentration, improve the ability to work in groups and the sense of balance, as well as making it possible to get to know and socialize with others people.

Tango Argentino is like a natural energy, invigorating! It increases passion and creativity, uniting people of different ages and cultures, inspiring new novels and reducing anxiety.

People who dance Tango release energy in the form of self-confidence, exercising their capacity for organization and creativity. By dancing tango, we can express our feelings; we can also use Tango as a tool to better communicate these feelings with our partner.

Tango is a physical activity, so it can help you to have a healthy heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Creates positive emotions

Tango is a physical activity that is related to positive emotions, produces a social approach, a decrease in the anxiety and anxiety processes and also stimulation of the brain through music.

The value of the hug

The concentration in the embrace of the couple can achieve a reduction of mental stress. In physical contact, the dancers meet each other and once they exercise their movements in an integral way they can improve the mechanics of their own movements.

The power of anti-stress

Releases the practitioner of mental or emotional tensions motivated by worries or dislikes.

Combats sedentary lifestyle

Tones the muscles of the legs and arms. Improves blood circulation.

Therapeutic dance

Music and dance, although they themselves are not a medicine, when combined with other therapeutic markets can become strong agents capable of supporting and accelerating the healing process.

Greater strength and balance

Tango dancing provides a balance and synchronization of movements. This improves the strength of the core by providing greater structure and quality in body movements.

Improves body posture

Increases overall mobility and joint exercise, since for dance you need to be aware of your own axis and the axis of your pair.

Helps in the prevention and treatment of diseases

such as:

Diabetes, Hypertension , Osteoporosis, Obesity, Cellulitis, Arthritis and traumatic, neurological, cardiovascular and many others.

It releases hormones

When dancing tango, because of the hug, segregamos several hormones, as in the case of oxytocin, involved in the prevention of heart disease, the decrease of the blood pressure and causes a feeling of happiness.

Keeps healthy arteries

Milonguear acts on the arteries protecting the  endothelium , which is the layer of cells that surrounds them inside and when it becomes inflamed generates the entire process of atherosclerosis .

Increased coordination

Dance helps to achieve greater coordination to perform fine movements , the ability of older people to lose and that, through tango, can improve and ensure greater safety.

It is a vaccine against diseases

As it promotes physical activity, it generates joy and fights risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

I hope this information has contributed. Enjoy, share with friends! And leave your comments here, I will respond as soon as possible.

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