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Posted by on Jan 31, 2018 in Entertainment | 0 comments

Valentine’s Day-Benefits of Valentines Day everyone should know

Valentine’s Day-Benefits of Valentines Day everyone should know

Valentine’s Day-Benefits of Valentines Day everyone should know

Today is February 14th. Today in the Western civilization, it holds special importance. Today is the day of love, affection and romanticism. It is not necessary to have a special day to show the feelings of love and love, but due to some such developments in history, today’s day has been made to express love for love. Every day is special for talking to the heart, and no special day is needed, but today’s day is made for such people who yearn to talk to all the days of the year.

Valentine’s Day – Benefits of Valentines Day

The way you do not refuse to apply any color on Holi, and if someone forbids you, then you can say that it is not Holi that is Holi. Just like Valentine’s Day is such a safe day when you propose any girl you would not mind. But yes, these rituals apply only to western countries and on those youth who believe in western thinking. If you apply these funds to a girl who believes in an Indian tradition, then something bad can happen with you.

Valentines A Global Festival

Valentines Day has become a global festival today. And why not even when this world needs love and which festival teaches us to love each other, it is even more important. This festival is celebrated on 14th February in different styles in every country.

Valentines Day is originally celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine. It is believed that Valentine’s Day name is originally named after Saint Valentine. But there are historically different opinions about Saint Valentine and there is no exact information. It is said that Saint Valentine made an eyeball to Jacob’s visually impaired daughter Jacob at the time of his death and wrote a letter to Jacobus, in which he had written ‘Your Valentines’ This day was on 14th February, which was later celebrated by the name of this saint and the message of selfless love spread throughout the world on the pretext of Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine loved humanity and he always encouraged mutual love in society.

Love your parents

It is not necessary that only today’s lovers are made for lovers. Today’s day is to show love and love happens between everyone, one mother’s to her child, friend of a friend or for her husband’s wife. If you want to thank him for the love or love you have on this day, make him your valentine, give him a rose, and thank him for his love.

Love is a personal thing, do not show off

Gulab mohabbat’s pagamam does not happen,

Moon moonlight’s love is not always there,

Love happens with pure feelings of mind,

Varna is not the name of Radha-Krishna in the world itself.

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